GDA International Incubates Disruptive Technology Startups Globally

GDA International Supports the world’s most disruptive technology startups — helping them launch, scale globally, and solve their industries greatest challenges through emerging technology.


GDA International has a start-up incubation studio that provides high-growth companies with a direct path to infrastructure, capital, talent, and global partnership development. 

We strategically provide resources to companies so that they can continue to scale and succeed.


Startup Incubation Sectors​

We work with a variety of blockchain projects including protocols, and utility tokens on top of native networks to provide them with the technical resources, and financial expertise to advance their business to the next stage of their respective roadmaps.

Startup Incubation Sectors​

We work with a variety of blockchain projects including protocols, and utility tokens on top of native networks to provide them with the technical resources, and financial expertise to advance their business to the next stage of their respective roadmaps.


We work with gaming studios, tournament platforms, and everything else in between to pave the way for this exciting revolution in gaming and to bridge the gap between e-sports and blockchain technology.

DeFi & GameFi

We have deep exposure to decentralized technology and innovative DeFi and gaming play to earn companies that are re-inventing the way that traditional financial organizations operate and the way that gamers earn an income.

NFTs & Metaverses

NFTs and the Metaverse are ushering in mainstream adoption of blockchain technology and AR / VR tech. Our team of experts have been a part of these two industries since day 1 and have significant exposure in this category.

Space Technology

We are excited about the space revolution and on working with cutting edge startups who can accelerate adoption of space exploration, meteor mining and terraforming planets in an efficient and feasible manner.

Artificial Intelligence & Robotics

We provide strategic capital and resources to companies driving real world change through artificial intelligence & robotics.

Renewable Technology

As a incubator spotlighting emerging and disruptive technology, our mission is to highlight the innovation that can improve the quality of live for future generations. GDA Ventures actively looks for startups focusing on green or renewable technology to give them the resources they need to achieve their mission and ultimately create a better tomorrow.

Nano & Biotech

In this data-driven era, we know more about our bodies and the world around us then ever before. GDA Ventures welcomes any projects dealing with nano or biotechnology.

Who We Work With

GDA International collaborates with three kinds of partners​

Start Up

We work with startups looking to change the world through disruptive technology, such as blockchain, e-sports, AI & Robotics, and other disruptive technologies.

We look for rockstar founders with big ideas and the confidence & competency to execute.


We engage with venture capital partners, private equity, and angel investors who are looking to access our portfolio of disruptive technology companies.

We are selective with the capital we accept into our ventures and desire aligned values & long term commitments.


We work with leading global technology providers and corporations to create a direct funnel for integration and adoption by millions of users.

Our enterprise also act as our earliest beta testers to determine product-market fit and feasibility.

GDA International brings the world's most disruptive technology companies to market.


Ventures & Incubation​

From ideation to profit-generation, GDA International works with start-ups at any stage of their growth story and offers them a direct path to corporate infrastructure and growth. Our goal is to help scale startups, and our focus is placed on providing strategic resources that allow founders to again focus on the core mission behind their project and drive innovation forward.

Token Economics​

We have significant experience with structuring token economics that are modelled out in a thoughtful way that is customary in the traditional venture market that include clear assumptions, valuation metrics, sensitivity analysis and public market comparables. 

Product Ideation​​

We help early stage projects identify gaps in the market, create a project with a sustainable market edge, and lay-out a go-to market strategy and timeline. We use our years of experience in the web 2.0 and web 3.0 venture and capital market to identify marketable trends and opportunities.

Corporate Structuring​​

Promising technology can sometimes be squandered by mismanagement. We perform a complete organizational audit to ensure that the companies are organized in an optimal fashion and make sure their technology is brought to the market through the most cost-effective channels. We have experience with global corporate structuring as well as with regulators across virtually every country that has clear regulations for digital assets including Switzerland, Bermuda, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, British Virgin Islands, Gibraltar, etc. 

Marketing & Brand Development​​​​

This is the golden era of choice. Consumers have more options than ever, plus there is more public information about companies than ever before. In such a competitive market, your first impression means everything. We assist venture-eligible candidates with their marketing and corporate messaging to make sure the project is successfully targeting its niche. In addition to this, we have direct access to many of the worlds top business and blockchain publications to help with global exposure. 

Business Plan Creation​​

It is very common to work with founders whose strength lie in technology, not business; this is where we come in. Venture-eligible candidates will work with our team to create a business plan that is 100% unique to the technology/product you are trying to bring to the market.

Investor Relations​​

Turning an idea into a business usually requires capital contributions. We introduce venture-eligible projects to GDA International’s exclusive list of high net worth individuals, and institutional investors that can take the project to its next phase of growth.
Questions And Answers​

Important Things You Should Know​

GDA International works with startups bringing disruptive technology to market. We focus on disruptive technology niches such as the blockchain technology, NFTs, Metaverse, DeFi, GameFi, e-sports, A.I & robotics, nano & bio tech and green and & renewable technology sectors.

We provide venture-eligible clients with advisory services to help these companies reach their full potential.  Assets International gives projects a direct path to marketing resources, public relations and corporate communications strategies, as well as investor relations services that put your project in front of some of the industries most active investors. 

GDA International works with accredited retail investors, and institutional investors including venture capitalists, hedge funds, sovereign funds, mutual & endowment funds and family offices around the world. 

GDA International works with governments, NFP’s and like-minded companies who are trying to drive the growth and adoption of emerging and disruptive technology. 

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