GDA International Welcomes EstateX: Pioneering Real World Asset Tokenization Together

At GDA International, we have always strived to catalyze the growth of disruptive blockchain companies, and we’re thrilled to introduce a promising new addition to our portfolio – EstateX. EstateX is at the forefront of real world asset tokenization, democratizing the market by allowing investment opportunities from as low as $100. With Web3 technologies underpinning its operations, EstateX is poised to revolutionize the real world asset tokenization landscape.

Over the past 9 months EstateX has consistently demonstrated their exceptional potential. They’ve successfully sold out each of their 3 payment/utility token presale rounds within minutes, raising an impressive $1.5M from a community of global investors. Notably, these three rounds also happened at the bottom of the bear market of this cycle.

EstateX’s ecosystem is a testament to innovation in the real world asset category, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for managing and diversifying assets and finances. 

  • The LaunchX platform presents real estate offerings starting from $100, while their instant loan service, CapitalX, devoid of credit checks and paperwork, allows users to leverage their assets, offering loans of up to 70% against real estate tokens as collateral.
  • The PropXChange, EstateX’s secondary marketplace, fosters easy trading and enhances liquidity of assets, allowing investors to buy and sell with ease.
  • Perhaps one of the most groundbreaking features of EstateX is its EstateX Pay system, which allows users to pay for everyday goods and services with their real estate investments, facilitated by the payment token $ESX. With the issuance of both physical and virtual payment cards, EstateX is redefining asset liquidity and payment methods, thereby underscoring the transformative potential of blockchain technology.
  • EstateX’s TokenizeX platform offers tokenization as a service, enabling individuals and institutions to experience the benefits of tokenizing their real world assets. This includes swift transfer of ownership, liquidity release on partial assets, and the ability to have multiple owners/investors in a single asset or pre-composed portfolio.

Regulated by European financial supervisors, EstateX is expanding its reach to the U.S., Canada, Asia, and the Middle East with the help of regulated partners. EstateX has also cultivated impressive, powerful corporate alliances, culminating in a collaborative venture with one of the globe’s most renowned property conglomerates.

Leveraging their exclusive access to mainstream celebrities, they’re also primed to amplify their educational marketing efforts to inspire and empower the next generation of young adults with financial literacy around real world asset investments. This initiative signifies a commitment to spearhead a transformative era of real estate and investment understanding among the next generation. 

We are enthusiastic about having EstateX to our portfolio. GDA International is pleased to extend our expertise, facilitate relationships with exchanges, launchpads, and making key connections to ensure the successful launch of each of EstateX’s business pillars.

As we embark on this journey together with EstateX, we look forward to watching EstateX reshape the contours of the real estate and real world asset markets.

EstateX has a very active telegram channel and a quality community of positive like minded forward thinking individuals with a great team that is always happy to help answer any questions as they strive towards making history! 

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